contains information or matter: (i) that was communicated in confidence by, or on behalf of, a foreign government, an authority of a foreign government or an international organisation (the foreign entity) to the Government of the Commonwealth, to an authority of the Commonwealth or to a person who received the communication on behalf of the Commonwealth or an authority of the Commonwealth (the Commonwealth entity); and (ii) which the foreign entity advises the Commonwealth entity is still confidential; and (iii) the confidentiality of which it would be reasonable to maintain
Section 33(1)(b) of the Archives Act 1983


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Series Control Symbol Title Contents dates
A12389 F10 ATTACHMENT 6 Department of Foreign Affairs Information on Portuguese Timor Part 3: 1. Assessments of Portuguese Timor situations made by Department of Foreign Affairs and Joint Intelligence Organization, 2. Ministerial submissions and major correspondence between Ministers on Portuguese Timor, 3. Briefs prepared by Department of Foreign Affairs, 4. Records of Conversations in Canberra or involving officers or Ministers from Canberra relating to Portuguese Timor, 5. Selections of significant telegrams from Canberra 1974 - 1975
A12389 A47 ASIO document: Report on Activities by Aliens Constituting a Threat to Security: Translation of BfV document 1973 - 1974
AWM54 179/1/23 PART 8 [Chemical Warfare - General:] 42nd Chemical Laboratory Company: Technical Reports [Part 8 of 9] 1944 - 1944
AWM89 B1/107 [Official History, Australia in the Korean War: Records of Robert O'Neill, Official Historian:] Source Material - Chapter 15 (Volume One), Part One [extracts and MS notes from FA, PM and Defence files] 1951 - 1951
A816 11/301/870 Sixth Quinpartite Intelligence Conference 1953 - 1954
A1209 1958/5994 PART 5 [Modified title: Exchange of intelligence material] - Weekly intelligence summaries 1958 - 1958
A6980 S250156 Special screening of migrants from Italy - Mafia 1965 - 1965
A3269 R16 [SRD (Services Reconnaissance Department) Technical Section -] Shipping [Sabotage] Handbook [Volume 4 - this appears to be a draft of R14/C] 1942 - 1943
A1838 TS654/3/9 Middle East. Intelligence summaries. 1956 - 1956
AWM54 179/5/5 PART 1 [Chemical Warfare - Trials:] CDRE India: Notes and reports (Jul 1942) [Part 1 of 36] 1942 - 1942
A1838 TS181/1/6 Middle East. Joint Intelligence Committee Reports 1957 - 1960
A1838 3034/2/2/2 PART 7 Indonesia. Communism in Indonesia 1960 - 1962
A1209 1961/181 SEATO - Report of 6th Intelligence Committee meeting, Bangkok, December 1960 1960 - 1961
AWM54 179/5/10 PART 6 [Chemical Warfare - Trials:] Headquarters, San Jose, Project Division. Reports by technical staff, San Jose Project 1945-1946, Bi Weekly progress reports 1945, San Jose Project reports, Field Tests, 1944 [Part 6 of 13] 1944 - 1946
A5799 177/1950 Cypher Production Organisation 1950 - 1950
A1838 TS3004/12/16/1 Joint Intelligence Committee Far East (JIC FE) - Quarterly reviews. 1958 - 1958
A9954 SE/13/D42 ADDENDUM 1 Communist insurgent threat to Pakistan - paper contributed by Pakistan 31 Oct 1960 - 31 Oct 1960
A9559 1 Typex Machine MK 22. General and technical information. (BID/01/7 Volume 1. Copy no 378) 1954 - 1954
A1209 1968/9906 Western Samoa - Intelligence briefing - Memorandum - Joint Intelligence Bureau - New Zealand 1974 - 1982
A1838 3034/7/1/1 PART 1 Indonesia - External relations - Talks on Indonesia [341 pp] 1963 - 1963