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Details as harvested on 1 January 2016
Series D2952
Title Correspondence files, annual single number series with PL prefix
Contents dates 01 Jan 1979 - 25 Feb 1982
Items described 122
Items digitised None
Recording agencies
  • CA 5924, Australian National Railways Commission, Port Lincoln [South Australia]
    01 Jan 1979 - 01 Jan 1982
Controlling agencies
  • CA 9427, Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development, Central Office
    18 Sep 2013 -
  • NSW (0.81m)
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Series Control Symbol Title Contents dates
D2952 PL137/1979 Coomunga Main Road Highways Department - Installation of checkrails for new level crossing and track protection 1979 - 1981
D2952 PL31/1980 Kimba [?] - Application from LR and M Constructions to install an effluent drain under track account District Council of Kimba [Plan showing proposed Road/Rail transfer facilities, Plan showing area surrounding Kimba Station - Scale 1:2 500, Plan showing area for proposed effluent drains] 1980 - 1983
D2952 PL100/1979 Minnipa - Application to lease land from A Ridsdale [Minnipa Station Yard, Licence number DA039, Sketch of lease area, Risdale Trading Company Pty Ltd] 1979 - 1981
D2952 PL39/1980 Shunters to be utilized as Guards in lieu of Station Assistants 1980 - 1980
D2952 PL106/1980 Balumbah - Closing of siding 1980 - 1980
D2952 PL47/1979 Cochaleechie - Application to lease land [Cockaleechie Cricket Club, SA Co-op Bulk Handling, Cockaleechie Station Yard, Plan number C.137 showing area of land to be leased] 1979 - 1987
D2952 PL37/1980 Thevenard Line 80.2km - Application for occupation crossing account JA Chewings [Licence number 1276] 1980 - 1980
D2952 PL56/1981 Bridge Repair Gang - Eyre Peninsula Division - Formation of 1981 - 1981
D2952 PL110/1980 London Street Bridge - Port Lincoln - Deterioration of concrete in beams [Photographs of specific parts of bridge where concrete is deteriorating, There is also a report titled "Bridge Inspection Report - London Street Bridge - Port Lincoln" - dated 13/11/80 - which includes a number of photographs taken of the bridge - and a number of plans as follows: SAR - Eyre Peninsula Division - Port Lincoln Station Yard - Concrete overway bridge - [1] General plan and elevation - Scale 1" = 4' - Plan number R25/198, [2] Details of abutments, columns and footings - Scale 1" = 4' - Plan number R25/199, [3] Details of Superstructure - Scale 3/8" = 1' - Drawing number R25/200] 1980 - 1986
D2952 PL129/1980 Peelina Creek Bridge - 81.63km Buckleboo Line - Proposed downstream scour protection [Photographs of Bridge, Plan of Buckleboo Line 81.65km Track layout over Bridge on Peelina Creek] 1980 - 1981
D2952 PL63/1981 Kimba 244.0km - Telecom conduit under track [Buckleboo Line, Plan of Kimba area showing location of proposed conduit] 1981 - 1982
D2952 PL120/1980 Buckleboo Line - 129.392km - Telecom conduit under track [Australian Telecom Commission, Plan showing Butler Tanks - Location plan - Work required for Auto conversion, Plan showing Butler Tanks - Cable extension North of SCAS to replace Division II lines for Auto conversion] 1980 - 1982
D2952 PL72/1980 Kimba - Station building severely damaged by runaway Prime Mover and trailer 28/5/80 1980 - 1982
D2952 PL42/1980 Waddikee - Extension to siding [Drawing of 218.307km Waddikee - Scale 1:1 250, Map showing location of Waddikee on Eyre Peninsula, Plan of Waddikee proposed siding extensions with photographs, Plan of Waddikee Station Yard plus Longitudinal Elevation on a scale 1" = 40', Drawing of proposed siding extension at Waddikee on a scale 1:480, Photographs of Waddikee] 1980 - 1982
D2952 PL88/1979 Stop signs for Innes Road crossing [Thevenard marshalling yard, Sketch of track layout, Drawing number D64/18 of Level crossing sign - Scale 1.5" = 1', Reference file SPL 429/68 - Level crossing warning sign maintenance and renewals] 1979 - 1982
D2952 PL44/1980 Lock - Extension to siding [Drawing of proposed siding extension at Lock - Scale 1:480] 1980 - 1981
D2952 PL80/1980 Relay of mainline in the Thevenard Yard account severely corroded rail [Drawing of Thevenard Yard track layout - Scale 1:480] 1980 - 1980
D2952 PL57/1981 Ungarra - Application to buy or lease land in Station Yard account HJ Modra [Diagram of Ungarra Station Yard showing proposed area to be leased] 1981 - 1984
D2952 PL74/1980 DD NELSON - Labourer, Special Gang - Engagement of under National Employment Strategy for Aboriginals Scheme 1979 - 1985
D2952 PL970/1979 Nunjikompita - Cable under railway account Telecom Australia [Thevenard Line 356.264km, Contents transferred to file PL81/1979] [Series identification to be confirmed] 1979 - 1979