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Details as harvested on 1 January 2016
Series E72
Title Correspondence files, single number series with "DL prefix to (1954) then "D" prefix (from 1954)
Contents dates 01 Jan 1927 - 31 Dec 1955
Items described 1450
Items digitised 33
Recording agencies
  • CA 885, Crown Law Office, North Australia/ (by 1931) Northern Territory
    01 Jan 1946 - 30 Apr 1964
Controlling agencies
  • CA 2497, [Northern Territory] Department of Law
  • CA 4019, Australian Government Solicitor, Darwin
    01 Jul 1984 -
  • NT (16.74m)
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Series Control Symbol Title Contents dates
E72 DL2847 [Portion of Title Expunged] Joseph Anthony Pearson - Sambonoe, Barak and May 1954 - 1954
E72 DL2000 Joseph and Lily Sevallos [Portion of Title Expunged] Stacia Ann Western Appointment of Guardian ad Litem 1952 - 1952
E72 D5826/6 [Portion of Title Expunged] Juleen Margaret Merritt - Humphries, Lance George - Humphries, Jean Critchley 1957 - 1957
E72 DL2476 James, Donald Maxwell and Gwen Loretta [Portion of Title Expunged] Irene Veronica Ah Mat 1953 - 1953
E72 DL2381 Lynch, Eileen Nancy [Portion of Title Expunged] John Brown 1953 - 1953
E72 D9136/6 [Portion of Title Expunged] Louise R N - Mr and Mrs Meyering 1960 - 1960
E72 D14233/4 [Portion of Title Expunged] Trudi Maree - Philip R C and M A 1963 - 1963
E72 DL2325 Eilbracht Shirley Dawn and Gerald Frederic [Portion of Title Expunged] Suzanne Marie Pope 1953 - 1953
E72 D10151/6 [Portion of Title Expunged] Mr and Mrs Marshall - Branson P 1961 - 1961
E72 D8003/6 [Portion of Title Expunged] Douglas James - Hardy, C R and G M 1959 - 1959
E72 D3725/4 [Portion of Title Expunged] Marita Anne Ferguson - Mr and Mrs Tutty 1955 - 1955
E72 D9923/6 [Portion of Title Expunged] Nascivera, Rosa Maria 1961 - 1961
E72 D6657/6 [Portion of Title Expunged] Catherine Susanah Clarke - Nowers, Mary Rose - Nowers, Thomas Charles 1958 - 1958
E72 D14252/4 [Portion of Title Expunged] Richard John - Lacey K H and J R 1963 - 1963
E72 D9924/6 [Portion of Title Expunged] Davies, Suzanne 1961 - 1961
E72 D9114/6 [Portion of Title Expunged] B J Carey - Mellifont, Mr and Mrs 1960 - 1960
E72 D14892/4 [Portion of Title Expunged] Gail Robyn Brown - Leonard John and Shirley Mona Sully 1963 - 1963
E72 D14818/4 [Portion of Title Expunged] Brett Wayne - Robert Reginald and Erica Dority McKenna 1963 - 1963
E72 DL2012 Morris Rex Barry [Portion of Title Expunged] Henry Richard Mayne Morris [Portion of Title Expunged] 1952 - 1952
E72 D13195/2 [Portion of Title Expunged] Leah Anne - Coffey M and P C 1963 - 1963