This is the full list of record series containing closed files.

displaying 701 - 800 series in total 1128
Series Title Number of closed files
K1255 MV 'Cape Don' specifications and technical data, single number series 1
M135 Folders of the Attorney-General's correspondence with other ministers. 1
A10076 Full Court and Court case records (SA) and from 1931, includes Cause case records - annual single number series 1
A12911 Fraser Ministries - Register of Cabinet Decisions 1
A6024 Correspondence files, annual single number series with 'F' prefix 1
AWM174 Records of Herbert Lorraine Port, Department of Defence 1
AWM371 Australian War Memorial registry files - Third series 1
J50 Sequestration order files, annual single number series with 'SQ' [South Queensland] or 'QB' [Queensland Bankruptcy] prefix 1
A6510 Classified prints of photographs relating mainly to Papua and New Guinea 1
A12985 Reports and minutes of evidence of various inquiries of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Public Works, single number series 1
A983 Inquiry files of the Joint Committee of Public Accounts and Audits, single number series 1
A11356 [Maralinga Litigation Material] Johnstone v Commonwealth discovery documents, single number series with 'F' prefix 1
AWM181 Herbicide records - Vietnam War 1
A12942 Copies of Privy Council petition documents for leave to appeal from the High Court of Australia, and occasional High Court documents for Privy Council appeals, single number series 1
A7317 Records relating to the Inquiry into the Aviation Industry 1
ST1861/1 Medical Case sheets 1
A12735 Inquiry into the Industry Development Association (AIDC), Single number series with AIDC prefix 1
A8695 General administrative files of the House of Representatives Standing Committee on the Environment and Conservation 1
A12883 Inquiry into Aboriginal Health 1
A5783 General files, single number series 1
C2154 Commonwealth Laboratories registers 1
A11138 Records of the Inquiry into the Transfer of Sovereignty of Hong Kong to the People's Republic of China, single number series 1
E1155 Grants in Aid files 1
M4513 Personal papers (copy of AA1984/609) 1
E203 Correspondence files, multiple number series, RCCC system with D (Darwin) or (from 1988) NC (Northern Command) infix 1
E37 Correspondence files, annual single number series 1
E1562 Motor vehicle accident records, numerical series 1
D5299 Survey Reports, Alice Springs to Darwin Railway Project, dual number series 1
A7904 Correspondence files (data file system), subject-classified composite single number series 1
B6139 Australian Customs Service historical collection, single number series with 'VIC' prefix 1
A12404 Miscellaneous lists used by the Royal Commission on Intelligence and Security 1
A12007 Accumulation of Miscellaneous Correspondence Files from the Governor-General's Office 1
M2184 Card index of telephone numbers ('Old Telephone Directory') 1
M1718 Correspondence files 1
A4939 Menzies and Holt Ministries - nominal index cards to Cabinet files, "C" single number series 1
CP71/14 Press cuttings collected by Sir Frederick Stewart 1
A10122 Draft cabinet documents and background papers, single number series with 'CAB' [Cabinet] or 'D' [Document] prefix 1
P2714 Miscellaneous documents and drawings relating to the AURORA AUSTRALIS ship design and acquisition project 1
P940 Secret and confidential correspondence files, multiple number series II 1
A1440 Subject Index Cards EP Series. [Enemy Property] 1
E1568 Classified correspondence files, unregistered series 1
AWM304 Records of 1 Psychological Operations Unit (1 Psy Ops) 1
A5010 Correspondence files, multiple number series (third system/first uniform post) (New Delhi) 1
A9641 Boxes of photographic printcards. Single number series 1
BP919/1 World War I deceased ex-servicemen's personal hospital case files, single number series 1
A627 Applications for patents, single number series with year suffix 1
M1272 Notes from the Principal Private Secretary 1
B356 Lake Tyers correspondence files 1
M1383 Correspondence files, alphabetical series 1
M1333 Letters from Heads of Government 1
A1488 Correspondence, copies of citations and newspaper clippings verifying Viscount Stanley Melbourne Bruce's honorary degrees and freedom of cities 1
E490 Case history material for tropical cyclones 1
A12012 Migrant Selection Documents for Displaced Persons who travelled to Australia per General Heintzelmann departing Naples 2 February 1950 1
A7996 Correspondence files, annual single number series 1
E1288 Maps and plans relating to Northern Territory aerodromes and authorised landing areas, lexicographical series 1
D3184 Nurses' report book, Torrens Island Quarantine Station Hospital 1
MP101/2 General papers of the Assistant Secretary (Supplies) and Assistant Business Advisor, Department of the Army, Mr S Thorpe 1
C157 Personal case files, single number series with 'PCV' prefix (British Civilian Pensioners, 1939-1945 War) 1
C4001 Post Office plans and drawings, alphabetical series 1
K1003 Certificates of Cause of Death (book butts), chronological order 1
P1436 Correspondence files (Criminal Investigation), annual single number series with "T" (Tasmania) prefix 1
MP1897/1 Television Station Files 1
B4039 Register containing brief reports on ex-service members in the Allied Works Council 1
MT1136/1 Correspondence files relating to naval personnel matters, 1951-1959 1
A9104 Finance - Central Administration Personal files, alphabetical series 1
MP1406/27 General correspondence files of Buildings and Property Branch 1
B186 Outwards message register 1
A6494 Correspondence files, multiple number system with SPTS (South Pacific Top Secret) prefix 1
MP692/1 Correspondence files, multiple number series ('201' series) 1
MP1827/1 Correspondence files,multiple number series 1
D292 Correspondence files, multiple number series 1
AWM269 The Official History of Australia's Involvement in Southeast Asian Conflicts 1948-1975 - Emergency and confrontation - Records of Peter Dennis and Jeffrey Grey 1
MP1200/1 European migrant files, single number series with 'V' [Victoria] prefix 1
CP697/67 Records of Suitors' money ("Suitors cash book") 1
C4149 Photographs of Cockatoo Island construction sites and works 1
J1780 Torres Strait Units soldiers pay adjustment correspondence files, single number series with Q prefix 1
A12691 Naval Personnel Establishment and Management System (NPEMS), Feb 1970-Sept 2001 1
D955 Correspondence files, annual single number series with 'PC' prefix 1
D3225 Correspondence files, multiple number series with occasional "F" (food) infix 1
A2699 Alphabetical 'Cabinet Index' book Menzies and Fadden Ministries 1
K513 Correspondence files, annual single number series with 'WE' prefix 1
CP71/10 Oh dear, couldn't find this series on RecordSearch… 1
K812 Correspondence files, multiple number series [second system] 1
K897 Correspondence files, multiple number with alphabetical suffix 1
K549 Correspondence files (Regional Secretariat Branch), multiple number with 'SW' infix series 1
A1146 Correspondence files, multiple number series with "N" prefix 1
PP453/2 Index to bankruptcy proceedings (Form IG 14), alphabetical series 1
K317 Correspondence files, multiple number series and, by 1985, annual single number series 1
K1308 Folders of papers and photographs relating to historic and heritage buildings and sites, single number series 1
M2150 Personal archives of Peter Cook, single number series 1
CP71/11 General Correspondence 1
D3187 Register of Admissions and Discharges, Torrens Island Quarantine Hospital (venereal diseases only) 1
A209 Correspondence Files, Administrative Lands Series 1
B5132 Routine Orders Part 2 1
A1573 Volumes of original Minute Papers approved by Federal Executive Council 1
PP131/1 Correspondence files, administration, methods and principles, annual single number series 1
B357 Correspondence files 1
K124 Original plans/drawings, annual single number with alphabetical prefixes and suffixes series 1
J63 Correspondence files relating to the operation of the Headquarters RAAF Base, Townsville, two number series with varying alphabetical suffix 1
PP618/1 Correspondence files, annual single number series 1