contains information or matter: (i) that was communicated in confidence by, or on behalf of, a foreign government, an authority of a foreign government or an international organisation (the foreign entity) to the Government of the Commonwealth, to an authority of the Commonwealth or to a person who received the communication on behalf of the Commonwealth or an authority of the Commonwealth (the Commonwealth entity); and (ii) which the foreign entity advises the Commonwealth entity is still confidential; and (iii) the confidentiality of which it would be reasonable to maintain
Section 33(1)(b) of the Archives Act 1983


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Series Control Symbol Title Contents dates
AWM54 179/5/8 PART 20 [Chemical Warfare - Trials:] Munitions Supply Laboratories. Abstract reports indexed in records of Chemical Defence Board [Part 20 of 23] 1945 - 1945
A1946 1968/877 PART 1 Statement of US/Australian Co-operation in Space Research and Defence projects 1962 - 1965
A1838 181/1/4 PART 2 Middle East - Joint Intelligence Committee - weekly review of Middle East 1957 - 1969
AWM54 179/5/1 PART 9 [Chemical Warfare - Trials:] Reports from the Chemical Defence Board, Research and Experimental Section, Innisfail, Queensland [Part 9 of 10] 1944 - 1944
A1838 3024/2/1 PART 28 Singapore - Political - General 1970 - 1971
A1945 65/4/3 United Kingdom Joint Intelligence Committee Reports [3cm] 1958 - 1961
AWM54 179/3/3 PART 2 [Chemical Warfare - Types of Agents:] Canada, Sub-Committee on Physiological Aspects of Chemical Warfare, Aug 1943 - Report on Mustard Gas 1943 - 1943
AWM54 179/5/14 PART 24 [Chemical Warfare - Trials:] Dugway Proving Grounds. Mobile Chemical Warfare Section Unit, 1945-1946 1945 - 1946
A816 14/301/412 Planning for co-operation in British Commonwealth defence (from conclusions of Council of Defence 1950) 1950 - 1951
A5799 69/1953 Joint Intelligence Bureau - [portion of title exempt] 1953 - 1953
A3269 R14/F [SRD (Services Reconnaissance Department) Technical Section -] Sabotage Handbook; Telecommunications 1942 - 1942
A1838 1212/5 Correspondence - cables. Overseas telecommunication channels. Cable and radio links. International and national communication bodies. 1938 - 1960
A3411 4 SEATO [South-East Asia Treaty Organisation]. Second Meeting of the Committee of Economic Experts, Bangkok, Thailand, 12-18 January 1956 1956 - 1956
A4311 686/13 [Research Methods Conference, Melbourne, November 1958]. Cold War Problems - Economic Penetration by [portion of title exempted], 25th September 1958 1958 - 1958
AWM54 179/1/20 PART 10 [Chemical Warfare - General:] Allied Land Forces, South West Pacific Area: Technical Notes and Staff Notes - Chemical Warfare, Mar 1943 [Part 10 of 19] 1943 - 1943
D1915 SA1899 HEATON William - Communist on 'Euripides' 1928 - 1928
A9954 SE/13/D46 Composition of delegation to the thirteenth meeting of the committee of security experts 07 Nov 1960 - 07 Nov 1960
AWM54 179/3/3 PART 1 [Chemical Warfare - Types of Agents:] Canada, Sub-Committee on Physiological Aspects of Chemical Warfare 1943 - 1943
A1209 1961/739 The role of the colonies in peace and war 1949 - 1965
A4311 626/SE/10/D3 [South East Asia Treaty Organisation - Security Experts - the inter-relations between the communist parties in the treaty area and their role in furtherance of international communist objectives] 1959 - 1959